Expeditionary Container ASL (ECASL®) Config. #1

The FPU-20-3 Expeditionary Container, ASL (ECASL) Configuration #1 is a fully configured FPU® System that operates as an expeditionary warehouse in any environment. The ECASL system is proven to reduce ISO Container footprint by an average of 57% which in turn saves cost. The ECASL Configuration #1 consists of the FPU-20-3 Container, 1 each Bulk Storage Aids, 8 each Tie-Down Rings, 2 each Removable Cradles and 2 each Bulk Module #3s. This system’s targeted application is to store palletized bulk, floor-loaded bulk and battery/POL bulk material.



8145-01-654-0930 (Tan)
8145-01-654-0925 (Green)

Part Number

75000001-002 (Tan)
75000001-001 (Green)
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Modular Configuration

The ECASL® design reduces operational costs, improves operational efficiency, enhances property accountability, and increases readiness at each point of the mission cycle. The preconfigured internal storage aids keep material accessible, secure and deployable at all times. The modular nature of the system allows for customization to meet current and future requirements.



BOH’s ECASL® is available in six preconfigured container systems to store class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE material. Each configuration is tailored to store various sized material including small, medium, large parts, palletized and floor-loaded bulk or special tools and equipment.


  • Fully configured FPU-20-3 System that can be purchased by a single NSN or Part Number
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE
  • Intergraded bail bar is compatible with the HEMTT-LHS, PLS, M-1076 PLS Trailer and ECHU
  • Provides 15-20% additional storage capacity for future mission changes
  • Side load with bi-folding doors (removed from image for clarity)
  • ISO-Certified and CSC Safety Approved

Product Includes

  • 1 ea FPU 20-3 Container (With Bail Bar)
  • 1 ea Bulk Storage Aid
  • 8 ea Tie-Down Rings
  • 2 ea Bulk Module #3 (3 Bins)
  • 2 ea Removable Cradle


Expeditionary Container ASL (ECASL®) Config. #1 User Manual


Height 96″
Length 240″
Width 96″


Tare 12,967 lbs.
Maximum Gross 37,000 lbs.
Net 24,033 lbs.