The FPU® Module Kit #5 for TRICON I/II brings BOH’s proven FPU® benefits to government-owned TRICON containers. The FPU® Module Kit transforms TRICONs from standard floor-load containers to a mission scalable, multi-class capable, uploaded and ready to move logistics kit. The FPU® Module Kit #5 consists of BOH’s Standard FPU® Module #21, Module #22 and two Module Adapter Plates providing storage for small material.




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No Drilling or Welding Required

The Module Adapter Plate is easily installed into a TRICON container by hand in 15 minutes using simple tools.  No drilling or welding is required in the installation process. Module Adapter Plates are utilized in multiples of 2 up to a maximum of 4 plates in one TRICON container depending on how many FPU® Modules are needed to satisfy mission requirements.


  • Kits are designed for use inside government-owned TRICON I/II containers
  • Easy two-person installation (15 minute task), requires no drilling, welding, blocking or bracing
  • The kit uses half of the TRICON I/II allowing remaining half to be used for bulk storage or an additional TRICON Kit
  • Module #21 has 10 Drawers (8″, 8″, 6″, 6″, 6″, 4″, 4″, 4″, 4″, 4″) with standard divider sets
  • Module #22 has (10″, 8″, 6″, 6″, 6″, 6″, 6″, 6″) with standard divider sets
  • Total of 500 standard compartments and expandable to a total of 1,640 compartments with additional divider sets


Height 74″
Length 72″
Width 43″


Tare 2,946 lbs.
Maximum Gross 6,546 lbs.
Net 3,600 lbs.