LEM 36″ Configuration #1

BOH’s Light Expeditionary Modules (LEM) deliver proven value to any organization that must deploy and operate in remote locations with limited material handling equipment.




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Designed for Optimum Efficiency & Safety

LEM consists of light-weight steel structure and all-aluminum drawers. LEM comes in two standard heights of 36” and 70”. The 36” consists of two sections and the 70” consists of four sections to facilitate assembly and disassembly by two people.


The LEM can store and move a wide variety of material to include spare and repair parts; tools; medical supplies and provisions; and special tools and equipment.


Every component of the LEM is designed for optimum efficiency and safety in the field, the warehouse, and in between.


  • Single position LEM compatible with the BOH’s LEM Mounting Plates
  • 3 hand removable drawers (6″, 8″, 10”) with standard divider sets
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE.
  • 49 standard storage compartments
  • LEM can be completely disassembled and moved by hand
  • Integrated with BOH’s quick connect / discount twist-locking system for LEM

Product Includes

  • 1 ea 6″ Forklift Base Plate with BOH’s Quick Connect Twist-Locking System
  • 1 ea 30″ Cabinet with Dust Cover and Security Bar
  • 1 ea 6″ Aluminum Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 1 ea 8″ Aluminum Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 1 ea 10″ Aluminum Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid


LEM 36″ Configuration #1 User Manual


Height 36″
Length 35″
Width 29″


Tare 400 lbs.
Maximum Gross 700 lbs.
Net 300 lbs.