LEM 70″ Configuration #7

The 70” Light Expeditionary Module (LEM) Configuration #7 is a steel and aluminum modular storage cabinet. This LEM configuration consists of 30” steel cabinet with three removable aluminum drawers, 19” steel cabinet with two removable aluminum drawers, 15” top cage and a detachable 6” forklift base plate. The base plate comes equipped with BOH’s twist-locking system that allows the LEM to be secured to the LEM Mounting Plates (Sold Separately). The LEM Mounting Plates can be installed into government-owned containers allowing the LEM to be used for mobile applications. The LEM is designed for both warehouse and expeditionary operations.




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  • Single position LEM compatible with the BOH’s LEM Mounting Plates
  • 5 hand removable drawers (6″, 6”, 12”, 6”, 6”) with standard divider sets and top cage
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE
  • 110 standard storage compartments
  • LEM can be completely disassembled and moved by hand
  • Integrated with BOH’s quick connect / discount twist-locking system for LEM

Product Includes

  • 1 ea 6″ Forklift Base Plate with BOH’s Quick Connect Twist-Locking System
  • 1 ea 30″ Cabinet with Dust Cover and Security Bar
  • 1 ea 18″ Cabinet with Dust Cover and Security Bar
  • 1 ea 15″ Top Cage
  • 4 ea 6″ Aluminum Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 1 ea 12″ Aluminum Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid


LEM 70″ Configuration #7 User Manual


Height 70″
Length 35″
Width 29″


Tare 710 lbs.
Maximum Gross 1310 lbs.
Net 600 lbs.