FPU® Quadcon Module Kit #1

The FPU® Module Kit #1 for Quadcon brings BOH’s proven FPU® benefits to government-owned QUADCON containers. The FPU® Module Kit transforms QUADCONs from standard floor-load containers to a mission scalable, multi-class capable, uploaded and ready to move logistics kit. The FPU® Quadcon Module Kit #1 consists of BOH’s FPU® Quadcon Module #1 and the QUADCON Multi-use Adapter Plate.




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  • Kit is designed for government-owned QUADCON containers with tie-down provisions that do not have a roll-up door.
  • Easy two-person installation (15 minute task), requires no drilling, welding, blocking or bracing
  • 6 Drawers (12″, 6”, 6″, 4″, 8”, 12”) with standard divider sets
  • 244 standard storage compartments, expandable to 480 compartments with additional divider sets
  • High security 3-G locking bar that accommodates 5200 and 5300 series locks
  • Integrated with BOH’s quick connect / discount twist-locking system

Product Includes

  • 1 ea Quadcon Module Cabinet with Security Bar and Top Mounted D-Rings
  • 1 ea 4″ Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 2 ea 6″ Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 1 ea 8″ Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 2 ea 12″ Drawer with Dividers and Removable Lid
  • 1 ea FPU® QUADCON Multi-use Adapter Plate
  • Mounting Hardware


FPU® Quadcon Module Kit #1 User Manual


Height 69″
Length 53″
Width 45″


Tare 1,703 lbs.
Maximum Gross 600 lbs.
Net 2,303 lbs.