Expeditionary Joint Operations Center (EJOC®) 

BOH’s Expeditionary Joint Operations Center (EJOC®) System is a bail bar-equipped, rapidly deployable, tactical operations center tailorable for multiple mission operations and needs.  The EJOC allows for simple and easy integration of communications, computing, and networking equipment. The MIL-STD 810H-tested system is readily available to support a variety of mission set applications such Global Combat Support System (GCSS), Command and Control (C2), Tactical Operations Center (TOC), and Maintenance.




Part Number

15002007-002 (Tan)
15002007-002 (Green)
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Grab-and-Go Capability

Built inside of an ISO and CSC certified container platform (8’x8’x20’), it is approved for 9-high stacking, primary load aboard vessels and strategic airlift. The all-steel design and ruggedized interior can support operations in any environment. The integrated bail-bar provides grab-and-go capability with the HEMTT-LHS and PLS without the need for a flatrack.


  • MIL-STD 810H tested
  • ISO and CSC certified by American Bureau of Shipping
  • 4 Workstations with Continuous Desktop and CAT TV connectivity
  • Retractable 22,000 BTU HVAC for additional protection during system transit
  • NEC 2020 Compliant integrated electrical power
  • 12 available 120V outlets (GFCI-Protected) for accessories
  • All-Steel construction with Ruggedized Filing Cabinets
  • 16 roof tie-down points
  • Non-Slip Flooring throughout Container
  • LED Lighting, Red/White
  • Rifle Storage Compartments and heavy-duty hooks for hanging combat gear
  • Bail bar-equipped; Fully Compatible with the HEMTT-LHS, PLS (with or w/out ECHU) & M- 1077 PLS Trailer (PLST)
  • Accepts 60 Hz, 120/208v, 3-phase power


Height 8"
Length 20"
Width 8"


Tare 11,800 Ibs.