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BOH’s containerized storage solutions create an expeditionary warehouse with full access to supplies while on the move. Our modular, side-load container system is capable of rapidly mobilizing multiple classes of material. It does this by configuring BOH’s containers with our interchangeable storage aids that fit together as one transportable unit. Available in 8′, 12′, 20′ and 20′ equivalent systems, BOH’s preconfigured or custom parts and bulk configurations solve today’s most challenging logistics problems.

Module Storage Cabinets

BOH’s Module Storage Cabinets are mission scalable, multi-class capable, expeditionary storage cabinets. Our modules can be used in a static warehouse environment or in our FPU® containers, as well as a variety of Government-owned containers for expeditionary operations. Our Modules are designed to provide a greater storage capacity than conventional storage cabinets and keep material organized, accessible, uploaded, and ready to move at all times.

Specialized Modules

Modular Kits for Government-Owned Containers

BOH Logistics Kits provide operational solutions for the most essential items required to support missions in forward deployed locations. Whether our Kits are configured at the modular containerized warehouse level or as flexible drawer packages, they deliver proven value to any organization that rapidly deploys and operates in austere locations. Our kits store and move a wide variety of material and equipment from spare and repair parts, major assemblies, tools, HAZMAT, medical supplies, construction equipment, and provisions.

Tailored Solutions

BOH logisticians can provide you with a no cost, no obligation survey. The survey includes the following to develop a proposed solution tailored to your mission requirements: