Portable Drawer Module #1

BOH’s FPU® Portable Drawer Module (PDM) is designed to store and ship class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE. The PDM can also be utilized on the move within our FPU® containers as well as for warehouse modernization.




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Available in 4 Configurations

The PDM is made entirely out of steel and is available in four configurations. The PDM consists of skeletal cases of various sizes, a pallet base, drawer trays that slide, and drawer divider sets for small to large material storage configurations. The PDM cases nest on top of one another and are fixed to the PDM Base Plate with ratchet straps. The ratchet straps can be removed and the PDM cases can be assembled by hand into any configuration that best suits your mission.



The PDM drawers can be completely removed from the PDM case allowing you to take only the material you need. The PDM drawers come with a standard set of drawer dividers and an attached water-resistant lid to protect your material while in the field.


  • Single position FPU® Module compatible with the FPU-8, FPU-20-2, FPU-20-3 with Removable Cradle and BOH Adapters for TRICON I/II and QUADCN containers
  • 4 PDM cases with 4 hand removable drawers (8”, 12”, 12”, 16”)
  • 36 standard storage compartment
  • Expandable to 60 compartments with additional divider sets
  • PDM can be completely disassembled and moved by hand
  • Integrated with BOH’s quick connect / discount twist-locking system

Product Includes

  • 1 ea FPU® PDM Base Plate with Straps
  • 1 ea 8″ PDM Case with Removable Drawer with Dividers
  • 2 ea 12″ PDM Case with Removable Drawer with Dividers
  • 1 ea 16″ PDM Case with Removable Drawer with Dividers


Portable Drawer Module #1 User Manual


Height 74″
Length 35″
Width 43″


Tare 1,102 lbs.
Maximum Gross 1,402 lbs.
Net 400 lbs.