FPU-8-2 Container

FPU-8-2 Container

BOH’s FPU-8 is a side-load container designed to be used in conjunction with BOH’s FPU® Modules to create an expeditionary warehouse. The FPU-8 can be equipped with any combination of BOH’s Standard, Bulk or Specialized FPU® Modules that enable rapid mobilization for multiple classes of material. The FPU-8 twist-locking system, integrated in the container floor, allows FPU® Modules to be uploaded into the container in a matter of minutes. The modular nature of the system allows for customization to meet current and future requirements.



8150-01-518-8749 (Tan)
8150-01-473-1213 (Green)

Part Number

15000802T (Tan)
15000802G (Green)
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Easy to Transport

The FPU-8 is easily transportable by standard MHE, HEMTT-LHS and PLS. The containers dimensions are compatible with 463L pallet loading system and is ATTLA approved for transport on C-130, C-5 and C-17 aircraft. The all-steel construction allows the FPU-8 to be stacked and sling-loaded. The FPU-8 can be combined with the BOH Cargo-12 container with use of horizontal interconnectors to form an ISO and CSC Certified twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) system.


  • Accepts up to four single position FPU® Modules, up to two double position FPU® Modules or one 4-postion FPU® Module
  • Integrated with BOH’s patented quick connect / discount twist-locking system Side load with recessing pocket doors
  • Connectable with the BOH Cargo-12 with the use of BOH’s Horizontal Interconnectors (NSN: 8145-01-523-4120)
  • Recessed foldable ladder steps for roof access
  • Approved for air transport aboard USAF C-130, C-5 and C-17 aircraft


Height 92″
Length 84″
Width 96″


Tare 3,558 lbs.
Maximum Gross 18,000 lbs.
Net 14,442 lbs.